01 August 2008

Wikipedia.org reorganised

Today the top ten languages (the ones around the globe logo) on the international Wikipedia.org portal were reorganised, following a poll on Meta. The languages are now organised by their relative share of the number of visitors, rather than by the number of articles.

This has led to quite a few changes within the top ten Wikipedias themselves, but only one language was actually replaced among the ten; the Dutch Wikipedia (467 000 articles) was replaced by the newly-unblocked Chinese Wikipedia (200 000 articles), which in my opinion is quite natural.

Another result of the aforementioned poll is that the tenth Wikipedia in the list will be replaced by the one in the user’s preferred language (as set in the browser settings). This, however, needs some extra code to be implemented (you can’t just move some existing code around), so it’ll probably take some time before it is live on the site, but it will hopefully be there soon.

1 comment:

pfctdayelise said...

Cool. Well that will definitely keep the dreaded vo.wp out of the list. :)