31 July 2008

Wiktionary in Norwegian now has 10,000 pages

EivindJ just created the 10,000th page in the Norwegian Wiktionary, making it the 38th Wiktionary to reach this milestone.

The Norwegian Wiktionary was created on 3 May 2004 (this is the oldest revision), but has not had a committed community. It has had several committed users who have expanded on it over the years, but they were usually alone, which is very difficult, and sooner or later such a user just gives up (I know, I was one of them). But now there are at least a couple of active users at the same time, and they will hopefully lay the foundations of an active and prospering community.

The 10,000th page was about the Norwegian word “dugnad”, which means almost the same as the Cherokee word “ᎦᏚᎩgadugi. “Dugnad” was named the national word of Norway [sic] by the TV series Typisk norsk in 2004, and is thus an important word to include in a Norwegian-language dictionary.

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