03 August 2008

Dynamic menus

Dynamic menus is the latest gadget I have made, and by far the most complicated one. What it does is that it moves the sidebar menus to the top of the page, and make them into dropdown menus instead – and it’s completely CSS-driven!

The reason I made this gadget was that I was tired of the sidebar taking up valuable space that could be used for the content instead; I wanted the content part of a wiki page to have a width of 100 %, and have the interface stuff in the top and the bottom. So I made this. It is based on the Modern skin, and will look awful in other skins.

It does have some drawbacks though. It currently only works in Firefox 3.0 (with a small extra feature if you install Firefox 3.1 Alpha 1), though I will try to fix it for Opera and Safari as well (I tried fixing it for IE, but that just won’t work).

If you want to try it, you can go to Meta and turn it on in your preferences. It is also live on the Norwegian (Bokmål) Wikipedia and on Betawiki. If you want to install it on your own wiki, that is really simple as well; there are instructions in the page linked at the beginning of the blog. I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Waldir said...

Pretty neat! Now, please add it to your en.wiki's modern.css so I can import it to mine :P

Jon Harald Søby said...

Hehe. Actually, you can just copy the code from the page linked in the documentation page to your modern.css - it will work in exactly the same way still. ;-)