19 December 2008

Scandinavian Planet Wikimedia launched

Thanks to Rob, who fixed bug 16511, the Scandinavian-language Planet Wikimedia is now a reality. I proposed the idea in all the village pumps for Scandinavian languages in November, and the idea got lots of support. Also, three Wikipedians started blogging because they liked the idea.

It is the first multi-language Planet, using the ISO 639-5 code gmq, representing North Germanic languages (also known as Scandinavian languages in the anglophone world). The interface has been translated to all Scandinavian languages with Wikipedias (yes, even Faroese), but the blog posts are shared between all languages.

I am hoping this will lead to more experience-sharing and opinion exchange between Scandinavians – we have a good coöperation already, but as with pretty much anything related to Wikipedia, it has room for improvement.


kjetil_r said...

Where is the edit button? I want to fix “reøated”! ;-)

David Shankbone said...

I'm sure I could just look this up on Wikipedia, but are the languages similar enough that, like Portuguese and Spanish, you can often make out cognates and understand?

Jon Harald Søby said...

Yes, they are [[mutually intelligible languages]]. More so in written form than spoken, but that poses no problem here of course. Icelandic and Faroese are a bit harder to understand for mainland Scandinavians, but one can still discern bits and pieces.

@kjetil: Fixed. ;-)

pfctdayelise said...

yay! this is great news.

But is there no feed for posts in all languages together? I thought that was the point. But I looked and it just looks like a portal right now.