13 December 2008

Great Scandinavian news

Within just 6 hours today, the Swedish Wikipedia and the Norwegian (Bokmål) Wikipedia reached the 300.000 and 200.000 article milestones, respectively.

The Swedish Wikipedia’s 300.000th was Arvidsjaurs kyrka (nb), about the local church in Arvidsjaur. It was created at 14:23 CET.

The Norwegian (Bokmål) Wikipedia’s 200.000th article was John de Vere, 12. jarl av Oxford (en) (nl). It was created at 20:26 CET.

The Danish Wikipedia is also coming close to a big milestone; as of writing this, it has 98.700 articles. The Nynorsk Wikipedia has currently has 43.200 articles. In total, the mutually intelligible Continental Scandinavian language Wikipedias have about 641.000 articles – if they had been combined, that would have been the fourth largest Wikipedia by number of articles, below French and above Polish.

If the Insular Scandinavian language Wikipedias, Icelandic (23.500) and Faroese (3.500) had been counted, the article count would have been 668.000.

Another bit of Scandinavian news is that a Scandinavian-language Planet Wikimedia will soon be set up (only waiting for Brion *cough*), collecting blogs in Scandinavian languages on one page (and one feed). It will be located at http://gmq.planet.wikimedia.org/ (gmq is the ISO 639-5 code for North Germanic languages).


pfctdayelise said...

That's great news, congratulations!

Waldir said...

That's very nice to know, thanks for the news! :)

Brion said...

Congrats! Planet update is now on the queue for Rob's sysadmin practice... :D

Jon Harald Søby said...

Yay, fantastic. :D

David Shankbone said...

Congratulations - that's awesome. I only recently discovered the "1000 Articles Every Wikipedia Should Have" over at Meta.

Jon Harald Søby said...

@ David: Yes, that is a very useful list. Not only when getting started, but to know what to prioritize in quality improvement projects.

On the Norwegian Wikipedia, our list is enhanced by symbols for stubs, and symbols for good and featured articles (the last two via a gadget). I think I have to blog about that, it’s actually quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

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