28 December 2009

German-language Wikipedia now has 1,000,000 articles

Ukas konkurranse

Congratulations to the German-language Wikipedia, which reached 1,000,000 articles today! It is the second Wikipedia to reach this milestone (second to English of course). The millionth article was “Ernie Wasson”. Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

I am still really excited that we reached it, although everyone could easily compute since about May 2009 that around 31. December 2009 the German language Wikipedia will reach the first million.

This milestone and still the second place with almost 1/3 of the article number and almost 1/2 of the length of the English language Wikipedia wasn't self evident: There are quite some languages that have more people online than German speakers in total such as English, Spanish, French, Japanese and probably also Chinese and Hindi and furthermore quite some Germans just refer to the English language Wikipedia without reading or contributing to the German language Wikipedia and thus further reducing the pool of potential authors.

This geat success within less that 8 years was only possible thanks to a very dedicated community that did not always had sunshine but also had and especially currently has to go through troubled waters.

I am really looking forward for a bright year 2010, when even more Wikipedias will reach their first million. :-)

german language learning software said...

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